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-By Pipetech | Published on July 16, 2021

As-built engineering is one of the most important processes of any construction project. They are the final set of drawings produced after an engineering project and include all the changes that have been made to the original drawings. They usually contain modifications, field changes, design changes, extra works, and every change which was approved and made during the construction and commissioning phase. As-builts are important to us as we use the finished product and provide a legacy of what was built. This legacy becomes more important as we contribute to building on top of old work. The quality of data matters in as-built drawings, the more – the better. Tools and technologies such as laser scanning, Bmi (Building information modeling), and connected construction data are some of the solutions that can be used.
As-Built Engineering|plant design|redfibre Pipetech provides discipline-specific plant layout and as-built drawings by plotting all the locations and dimensions accurately. Our drawing and documentation markups, updated 3d models, present you with Engineering drawings and drafts that are fully in sync with the actual structures and assembly.

Types of plant design and as-built drawings we offer include
• Section drawings
• Line markups
• Exterior drawings
• Security Layouts
• Fully surfaced Cad models
• Power and lighting layouts
As-Built Engineering|CAD drawings|redfibre As-built CAD drawings help with a top-view diagram of the plant. They depict all exterior and interior partitions and walls including permanently attached items. Our as-built modeling services offer listings of orthographic drawings of building structures for highlighting the material, design, and dimensions across the front, sides, or rear face. Our access to the latest and licensed technology tools, such as laser scanning, helps reduce the time and effort required for conducting studies, according to the as-built plan for as-built documentation, thereby improving accuracy for the project.

Pipetech provides high-quality As-built services such as assisting with surveys of the existing properties, upcoming models, or construction projects. Our as-built drafting services will help you use the existing space efficiently by eliminating the costly changes that might appear due to inaccurate sets of drawings. The drawings can be referenced for future maintenance and planning, providing an exact outline of the existing design. Our services and surveys will provide valuable insights into the property, highlighting design opportunities or constraints on architectural, structural, and site conditions.

Our as-built plans, drawings, schedules, and reports suit the typical needs of a remodel project. We can customize any of these as-built drawings to measure, plan and draft anything that needs assistance in the project. We use lasers and software tools to produce high-quality measured drawings by annotating any field changes that differ from the original design. Pipetech provides clear and accurate records of existing buildings sites and structural conditions with concise details in sync with the industry and owner standards. We identify each element required by the drawing specification, recording the location and the attributes such as name, function, size, shape, material, orientation, etc.
As-Built Engineering|great tool|redfibre As a great tool for visualization, building information modeling (BIM) enables a 3d representation of a building before it is even built. With BIM modeling, the projects are visualized better for walkthroughs through exceptional model renders and sequencing. We use the latest software like Revit Mep. As BIM modeling specialists, we offer effective solutions for designers and fabricators to manage the design stage and start fabrication based on required project scope and industry standards.
As-Built Engineering| skills|redfibre At Pipetech, we have a team of highly experienced engineers with a unique set of blended skills, including traditional techniques and adept knowledge in the latest technology. Being a leading plant design and as-built drawings provider, we assist plant owners, equipment suppliers, consulting firms, as well as engineering, procurement, construction contractors to minimize design risks, improve collaboration, and accelerate project delivery.

To learn more about Pipetech's As-Built engineering services, contact us.
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