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-By Pipetech | Published on July 22, 2021

What is detailed engineering design?

Detailed Engineering|design|redfibre Design & detailed engineering is the essential link that bridges basic design engineering and the construction phase of a project. It is the phase in project implementation that applies all technical disciplines needed ( i.e. mechanical, civil, electrical, piping, telecommunications, etc.) to establish the set of deliverables. This means that the project is inching closer to reality and ideas are transforming into actual, tangible, and specific entities.
Detailed Engineering|document|redfibre In detailed engineering design, every component, subsystem, and part relevant to the project is properly documented, procured, and implemented. While the project viability is determined in basic engineering, every detail concerning the entirety of the project including end-user satisfaction and functionality is covered in detail design.

People often associate engineering with the invention and construction of infrastructures such as industrial plants, roads, and bridges but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this profession. Detailed engineering design needs more exploration. It is a very important process in any project that requires the application of knowledge into action. It is the last of three implementation phases in engineering where the creative models in the first two phases are described in great detail.
Detailed Engineering|expertise|redfibre With our expertise in advanced design engineering tools and practices, we extend our capabilities to expedite planning, design, and digital validation of manufacturing systems before their construction. As a part of our integrated engineering design services, engineers develop meticulous documentation such as plot plans, piping, and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), process flow diagrams (PFD), 2D/3D models, isometrics, material take-off (MTO), bill of materials (BOM) and data sheets required to move from initial planning stage to procurement and construction. Our team has the ability to envision various costeffective engineering design concepts without compromising on quality.

Having worked for both large and medium-sized domestic and offshore clients, our team has broad-ranging experience in detailed engineering design whether it’s a single phase of designing or multi-disciplined detail engineering. We cover the complete spectrum of detailed engineering design which includes process, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation, and civil engineering disciplines.
Detailed Engineering|design services|redfibre Our detailed engineering design services include:
• Plot plan and area demarcation
• Structural analysis & design calculations for various buildings.
• Preparation of structural fabrication drawings.
• Preparation of the “AS-BUILT Drawings” at the end of the project.
Using highly advanced software like PDS and Auto plant, 3D modeling of equipment, Piping, Civil Structures, and Electric Raceways are prepared for error-free documents, verification of clashes in the model, and smooth execution of erection/procurement activities. We also update the 3D model based on As-Built plant conditions. As-Built drawings not only track changes, additions, or deletions from the original design during construction but also serves as a reference for future maintenance, expansion, or planning of similar projects at different locations.
Detailed Engineering|drafting services|redfibre At Pipetech, we produce a wide range of drafting services for our clients. Using software like AutoCAD and Micro station, we can convert all paper drawings into accurate multi-layered AutoCAD drawings. As one of the leading Engineering Consultancy and Designing Companies, Pipetech offers comprehensive engineering services that address both technical as well as human resource needs of its clients.

To learn more about Pipetech's As-Built engineering services, contact us.
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