“New Office Design” trends to follow closely in 2021

New Office Design

-By Pipetech | Published on February 8, 2021

Pipetech is delighted to present this year, our list of famous new office design ideas that should not be missed in 2021.

Over the past ten years, the world of work has seen the arrival of new generations but also the emergence of new perspectives and challenges to be taken up in terms of spatial planning.

So, say goodbye to the vertical organisation, austere, impersonal (and depressing!) offices and make way for the colour, designer and quirky furniture or accessories and new types of workspaces, but also to be mental as well as physical!

We can already hear you say: “But are you really going to do this every year ?”

Of course, we are! Who says evolving market says evolving trends. So stay up to date and we’ll tell you everything!

After a year marked by a profound change in the way people work, many of the design trends that were emerging in the most progressive offices are fastly becoming a norm.

Creating flexible workspaces is a priority to ensure the well-being of employees.

As teleworking grows, using office furniture with a residential aesthetic is one of the solutions planned to encourage employees to appropriate the office space.

Workplaces are in the process of reinventing themselves with more spaces dedicated to collaboration, sharing of ideas, learning, and to the detriment of individual workstations.

44% of office users report that interactions and socialising with their colleagues have been missed the most in the offices.

Such workspaces, dedicated to the well-being of employees, workers and all the other people will become a key marker of a company's success, as companies seek more than ever to optimise the performance of their teams by improving the employee experience and offering flexibility on where and how to work.
The design of office furniture dedicated to employees’ homes will also evolve to meet the new demand for concentration spaces at home.

1. The Social Club New Office Design

1. The Social Club New Office Design Rather than focusing on a “Square Meters per Employee” type ratio, the new office design of tomorrow will be designed with common spaces including a huge range of furniture to compensate for what the house does not: formal and informal group work.

Face-to-face meetings with clients will continue to be held in offices, thus strengthening the office’s function as a showcase of core values and corporate culture.

2. Home Comfort Office Design

 Home Comfort Office Design In the midst of this pandemic, some employees might be reluctant to return to the office, especially when they can be productive at home. Workplaces should offer a level of comfort and safety similar to working from home.

Modern home office designs are used in all organisations, now which is increasing the comfort and productivity the of employees.

3. Smaller and more flexible new office design

Smaller and more flexible new office design With a reduced number of employees in the office, many companies have to review their real estate model by reducing their footprint or even adopting the Hub & Club model.

Small office design concepts are also important in the office spaces.

A smaller, dynamic, and flexible head office can be reconfigured according to events, and secondary offices will offer more possibilities for welcoming employees.

Modular furniture will become more and more popular as a solution to easily modify meeting areas to accommodate smaller or larger groups.

With less dedicated office work, the need for individual workstations will decrease.

The furniture will be chosen to suit the sharing of the workstation, including cabinets for shared documents and lockers for storing personal items, and the emphasis will be on mobility.

4. Technology comes to Meeting Rooms

Technology comes to Meeting Rooms As business travel is less feasible, meetings by video conference will become more widespread, which will stimulate the development of meeting spaces.

In addition to very high-speed Internet technology, the interior decorations will include call boxes to guarantee the acoustic confidentiality of client conferences.

For small spaces, compact multipurpose furniture with a residential aesthetic will provide a solution that blends into the home decor and serves as storage or additional surface, such as a dining table with a pull-out desk.

This can be solved by partitions or shelves to acoustically and visually separate a workspace, as well as by lighting designed to focus and attract attention in a given area.

5. Acoustic Revolution in the new Office Design

Acoustic Revolution in the new Office Design Excessive noise in open spaces is already a common problem. The increase in teleworking is once again drawing attention to sound environments at work whether at home or in the office.

Furniture can be acoustically treated or made of sound-absorbing materials, and rooms in the house soundproof along walls and ceilings.

The new office design will include sound-absorbing materials in raised floors, ceiling tiles, and partitions to reduce the spread of sound in the workplace and private spaces.

Some workplaces may also include ventilated boxes in the form of seats or desks to completely minimise noise distractions also in private offices for an important and confidential discussion of information.

Customized privacy bubbles to increase the acoustic comfort of employees(office interior design concepts)

From the partitioned office to the open space, from the open space to the silent zones: the evolution of the working world is surprising!

The Open spaces were able to prove themselves in terms of communication and dynamism in a rm but the question of listening comfort employees returns to the front of the stage.

At the dawn of this new decade, hearing comfort is at the heart of business discussions and concerns.

Spaces that are entirely sound-insulated, such as closed phone-boxes, will increasingly be installed in brand premises.

The goal?

Allowing employees to meet in a confidential space that does not let any sound pass. With lesser measures, installations such as acoustic panels or semi-closed phone-boxes will reduce the propagation of noise and create “confidentiality zones”. (be careful to differentiate insulation and acoustic correction! )

6. Responsible Staging in the New Office Design

Responsible Staging in the New Office Design As national sustainable development goals emerge, more and more companies are striving not only to achieve zero carbon goals but also to design positive energy workplaces that lead to a virtuous impact on society and also improving office environments.

This design philosophy will become more and more prevalent as companies seek to create pleasant and healthy work environments that meet the growing needs and desires for offices that will no longer be mere workspaces but will truly improve well-being and quality of life.

The sharp increase in remote work will significantly impact the new office design while broadening the definition of a workplace that improves individual and collective performance.

Employees will be much more demanding of their desks, which will no longer be just a place to sit and work.

A step towards “zero-carbon”.

The different life cycles of the building, from its construction and operation to its renovation and even its demolition, must be taken into account to reduce its ecological impact. "

Awareness that there is an urgent need to limit carbon emissions, more and more companies are making all-around commitments, including on the real estate side, by asking for insulating green walls, solar panels, or even blinds adjustable for optimised thermal regulation. ”

A brainstorming session?

A personal phone call to make? This way, please!

7 . Ultra-connected premises managed by Employees. (Modern Office Design Concepts)

Ultra-connected premises managed by Employees Meeting rooms that can be reserved from an online application, self-service cafeterias equipped with tablets to report a shortage of stock or to learn about allergens contained in products.

The digital wave does not only concern workstations.

“ With the digital tool, the employee takes control of subjects that were previously the prerogative of general services, for example by reporting maintenance problems or information on the level of hygiene “.

8. The Office, a Talent Magnet.

The Office, a Talent Magnet Putting a roof over the heads of employees is no longer enough.

From now on, these have requirements on the colour of the tiles and the size of the fireplace. “ The office is no longer seen as a convenience, but as an extremely differentiating element and a factor of attractiveness.

It is perceived by companies as a recruitment and management tool adding that it is not only a question of looking after aesthetics and functionality but also the messages hidden behind each choice: materials from a sustainable production, local supply, etc.

9. A Reflection of the Identity of the Company. (Modern Office Interior Design)

An employer is less and less chosen for only his product or only his career opportunities.

Candidates tend to have a holistic approach, placing as much importance on management as on the business model and CSR policy.

The identity of the company, with its culture, its values, must be reflected everywhere: in its marketing message, in its organisation, and in its premises.

As a result, we are witnessing an increase in requests for personalisation. No more question of having sanitised premises!

10. Modular, or Nothing!

After swearing only by open space an open plan office, companies came back. And now is the time to adapt the premises to the different uses that are made of them.

“ One of the leading trends is hybridization, with modular offices. There are different types of spaces sticking to each activity of the day: Call boxes to isolate yourself during a telephone conversation, soundproof capsules for concentration, meeting rooms of various sizes… An ideal setting is needed for each task”.

11. A boom in Eco-responsible Materials.

Paints without volatile organic compounds, wood from sustainably managed forests, recycled wallpapers, vegetable inks … Offices are also going “green” by adding plants in offices to bring a positive effect in the environment for employees.

“ About 20% of our customers ask us for solutions that are beneficial for people and good for the planet, favouring local production and responsible suppliers.

This social and environmental concern is growing every year..

12. Office Furniture for Rent

Another trend echoes eco-responsibility initiatives and the rejection of excessive consumerism: the rental of furniture (Office desks, chairs, armchairs, sofas, etc.).

“ This makes it possible to reduce costs, to change the atmosphere without additional investment and to access quality furniture, by definition more expensive, that some young companies could not afford otherwise “.

13. My box, a Place of Life and Leisure

Reading room, video library, climbing wall. The spaces and equipment of neighbourhood centers tend to be invited into businesses.

The “like at home” trend, with a corner for social interactions, another for concentration or brainstorming, strengthens the quality of life at work and therefore the employer brand, but it is also a vector of creativity, essential at a time of fear of being disrupted.

14. Micro Working Spaces (Future of Office): Newcomers to Nomadism at work

 Micro Working Spaces If you need to ask 10mn between client appointments and have no time to go back to your desk to isolate yourself so you concentrate half an hour on a major project, micro-working spaces will seduce you.

In 2021, labor mobility is increasing with the arrival of spaces dedicated to short working sessions and punctual between two bonds.

The spaces micro-working, usually consisting of stool, bar table or table and chair design side, permit RONT to isolate or portable time employees.

This space will be designed to provide all the well-being necessary for a good work session, even a short one (digital tools, comfortable seats) but also a welcoming and dynamic environment to promote productivity.

No more working sessions alone in an austere meeting room that is far too big for you. Micro working is the new black!

15. Living Spaces

 Living Spaces That occupy more professional space In recent years, the quality of work-life is in the minds and even more in those new generation arriving on the labor market, with new needs and new habits.

In 2021, the importance of QWL will increase and informal living spaces will multiply. The layout of the offices will offer more places that can accommodate one or more employees, in a quirky setting.

The goal of this new office design?

Give yourself breaks outside your open space, boost productivity but also the sympathy capital and brand image of the companies. These spaces will also be conducive to the informal events in the new office design!

16. New Work Postures

To preserve health, it's no secret that static stress all day long is bad for the body.

To compensate for this lack of movement in the sedentary work environment, the question of the ergonomics of the various workstations is essential.

Upcycling is a this trend respectful of the environment that aims to give a second life to a user object, end route to the dumpster.

In 2021, furniture brands, architects, and interior designers will offer more to recover materials or products that you no longer use in your offices to create designer furniture or objects, atypical and of superior quality that will give even more stamp at your offices.

So be good, be responsible, be trendy: don’t throw away, upcycle!

17. Green Friendly Offices not only … thanks to Biophilic Design

Intrinsically linked to interior landscaping, biophilic design recreates the universal link between man and nature.

In 2021, the trend will be more than ever to reintroduce nature into the daily lives of employees, and in various forms.

Natural stabilised or semi-natural plant elements (to facilitate maintenance) will find a place of predilection in our

Beyond the plants, the trend will be for immersion with entire sections of green walls. Finally, the importance of light, sound, and air treatment will create a 360 ° biophilic design!

18. A growing Awareness and ever Shorter Circuits in the Planning Sector

Is in the hearts and minds of many employees. Beyond the know-how, the quality that it implies also matters.

According to a study carried, no less than 59% of the population considers themselves sensitive to the country of manufacture of a product or service.

Office furniture is no exception. It will win the hearts of employees and companies keen to take responsibility and give meaning to their purchases.

The offices will be fitted out respecting the solidarity economy and a short circuit for furniture. This practice will make you want to extend the commitment by extending it to ancillary services (fruit distribution, service providers, etc.)!

And the good news that never comes alone: who says short circuit … says shorter delivery times! So if you still hesitate to get started after that, we don’t understand.


How do you design an office room?

Choose ergonomic furniture and Transform unused spaces and furniture. Optimise storage space and

Choose your style of ambience.

The layout and style of your office can impact your professional well-being.

So these are some of the new office design trends in 2021 to follow closely in 2021 for your organization.
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